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Infrastructure As A Service

While providing world-class services with container technologies in ICT Cloud IaaS services, it allows you to get rid of costs and complex business needs with its rich technological infrastructure. The latest technologies used, personalized approach and expert support help increase the productivity, security, and stability of your business.

While you purchase, install or configure services such as storage, computing, and databases, ICT Cloud IaaS Cloud Services provides you with a unique experience by managing the infrastructure.

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Technology

"Move your business to the cloud with ICT Cloud, the choice of the best!"

Fast Scalability

ICT Cloud Infrastructure as a Service allows IT resources to be scaled up or down depending on the needs of businesses. This flexibility in scaling makes it easy for you to meet spikes in resource demand based on your needs. Users can downgrade the solution when the services are discontinued.

High Performance

When your business's workload increases, the ICT Cloud team manages your operations uninterruptedly, without the need for more personnel to maintain and update your infrastructure. This allows your IT staff to focus on more valuable activities instead of dealing with problems like managing infrastructure.

Cost Advantage

ICT Cloud Infrastructure as a Service allows you to make monthly invoicing with the pay-as-you-go model. In this way, businesses pay as much as they use on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis and can always keep their costs under control at the scale of their needs.

High Availability (SLA)

ICT Cloud Infrastructure as a Service guarantees high availability (SLA) for businesses that cannot tolerate service interruption with 99.9% uptime.

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Backup as a Service

ICT Cloud Backup as a Service is an enterprise backup solution that uses Veritas NetBackup and Veeam Backup & Replication infrastructure on cloud architecture and provides redundancy and replication of data with complex architectures such as SAP HANA.

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Backup as a Service Cloud Technology

High Data Security

ICT Cloud Backup as a Service offers cloud-based but completely isolated redundancy environments. The data redundancy kept on the service is designed to support the high security required by businesses with its structure that can be encrypted when desired.

Backup as a Service infrastructure is fully compliant with GDPR regulations since it is positioned in data centers located in Europe.

Compatible with SAP HANA

ICT Cloud Backup as a Service is compatible with ERP / CRM applications with all complex data architectures, especially SAP HANA. Backup as a Service is the most powerful cloud-based enterprise solution, especially for SAP administrators that can easily back up their business-critical and performance-sensitive SAP HANA environments.

Cost Optimization

ICT Cloud Backup as a Service does not need infrastructure configuration and update processes. There is no initial investment cost. All backup and replication scenarios are easily configured with your preferred scenarios. Moreover, it offers a high-cost advantage with its pay-as-you-go model.

Veritas Air Technology

ICT Cloud Backup as a Service uses Veritas AIR technology. In this way, it can easily replicate both the data and the catalog data to another location. Moreover, it does not need an additional backup server, thanks to Netbackup Appliance.

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Platform As A Service (PaaS)

ICT Cloud PaaS Service is a practical and economical application development platform where you do not have to configure the infrastructure requirements you need in your application development processes.

You can set up multi-user development environments and significantly reduce your coding times on your infrastructure designed with the software architectures you want with ICT Cloud PaaS services that will bring efficiency and speed to your business.

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Backup as a Service Cloud Technology

Scalable Resources

ICT Cloud PaaS allows you to configure an extensive inventory of infrastructure, including middleware, development tools, business intelligence services, database management, system management, and security solutions, at the scale of the resources your business needs. In this way, you are only charged for the system resources you use.

Central Management

ICT Cloud PaaS offers a centralized development environment that does not require extensive system management knowledge. In this way, developers do not need to create any development environment on their local devices. Moreover, no matter where the developers are in the world, PaaS inventory can be easily accessed from anywhere with the internet.

Cost Optimization

ICT Cloud PaaS does not need infrastructure configuration and update processes while setting up your development environment. The entire development environment is built with the components of your choice, helping you to significantly save on hardware configuration and hosting costs, especially your labor cost.

Multi-User Work Environment

It offers a flexible development environment where you can streamline workflows when multiple developers are working on the same development project with its ICT Cloud PaaS service. In this way, all project stakeholders can access the development environment and work together at the same time, even in different locations.


Database As A Service (DBaaS)

Developed with up-to-date software languages such as Go, PHP, Python, ICT Cloud Database As A Service allows businesses to easily access database services without worrying about managing software or infrastructure, and allows automatic migration of databases between different cloud environments.

DBaaS enables you to manage multi-cloud and local development environments simultaneously from the same panel, simplifies database management with one-click operations, enables enterprises to easily manage databases during cloud migration, eliminates time-consuming tasks, and provides agility for faster software development.

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Database as a Service Cloud Technology

Cost Optimization

Your business only pays for the resources it consumes. Therefore, you do not need to purchase additional capacity for hypothetical needs with the ICT Cloud Database As A Service solution. It is highly cost-effective for SMBs and large enterprises and has no initial investment costs compared to installing a similar on-premises infrastructure with no on-demand provisioning and constrained scalability.

One-Click Management Operations

ICT Cloud Database As A Service supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Mongo, TimeScale etc. for easier management. It combines different open-source databases under one roof. This helps accelerate time to value by eliminating time-consuming tasks such as setting up and managing valuable resources, database systems, and IT environment.

High Efficiency

ICT Cloud Database As A Service solution offers one-click patching and upgrade options and automates the steps required to perform these tasks. Users can continue to work while upgrades are made, maintaining user and database productivity. As a result, IT administrators and developers can focus on more important tasks.

Fully Managed Applications

All aspects of database management; configuration, troubleshooting, performance optimization, tweaks, upgrades, backups, recovery/restore, etc. completely managed by the ICT Cloud team. With ICT Cloud Database As A Service, complex procedures are performed automatically and most administrative tasks are undertaken for you.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

With the disaster recovery service designed according to the needs of your business, it always keeps all of your data and services replicated simultaneously in additional geography to the existing location, whenever you need it, with minimum RPO and RTO times, close to zero interruption and minimum data loss tolerance, We minimize the risk of interruption or loss of your data flows.

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Disaster Recovery as a Service Cloud Technology

Unrivaled RTO and RPO Values

ICT Cloud Disaster Recovery services guarantee the best results in acceptable data loss (RPO) and acceptable downtime (RTO) values. In most scenarios, RTO tolerance times are planned at an average of 5 minutes and verified by DR tests. In this way, it produces the most competitive values of the industry average.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

All topologies and networks of your Disaster Recovery scenario are proactively monitored by system engineers employed in ICT Cloud.

In case of possible intervention requirements, the uninterruptedness of the entire system is guaranteed with instant remote access and physical intervention teams in our partner network depending on location.

100% Managed Service

ICT Cloud manages all disaster recovery operations for businesses of all sizes, independent of their human resources, with its own system engineers. In this way, businesses do not need to host DR-oriented technical business units within their own structure.

Resource-Based Billing

All disaster recovery plans are created with resource planning tailored to the needs of businesses. In this way, only the required resources and services are charged on the scale. Thanks to the pricing method that focuses on cost optimization, a sustainable model of DR operations in the financial flow is achieved for all businesses.

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Container as a Service

ICT Cloud Container as a Service provides an application environment where developers can build and deploy applications and manage cloud services responsible for content and infrastructure allocation. While doing this, it provides cost advantage by reducing the RAM, Disk, CPU and other resource consumptions used by the guest operating system to zero, while guaranteeing high security with application isolation.

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Contanier as a Service Cloud Technology

Resource Efficiency

ICT Cloud Container as a Service service, unlike virtual servers, does not need a guest operating system to run applications on it, so you do not need to plan the additional resource brought by operating systems and bear the operating costs.

High Cost Advantage

ICT Cloud Container as a Service offers up to 50% savings on your transaction costs with flexible resource allocation, automatic scaling and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Ultimate Security

ICT Cloud Container as a Service helps prevent security vulnerabilities by profiling a container's expected behavior and networking activities (such as source and destination IP addresses and ports) so that any malicious or unexpected behavior can be flagged.

Modular Structure

ICT Cloud Container as a Service allows each module to run on a separate container (database, frontend applications, etc.) instead of running complex applications in a single container. Thus, it significantly simplifies application management.

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DB as a service
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Storage as a Service

Bulutistan Storage as a Service is designed as a holistic solution that combines speed, security and economy priorities for all long-term data storage needs of your business. Bulutistan is an unrivaled data storage service in its field, which also enables object-based storage thanks to its API access that supports all S3 protocols.

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Storage as a Service Cloud Technology

Advanced S3 API Support

ICT Cloud Storage as a Service can easily transfer all data storage operations to its own interface thanks to its API interface that speaks S3 protocols. In this way, it makes it easier for you to manage all your data storage operations without interruption.

Unlimited Capacity

When the resources you need expand over time, ICT Cloud Storage as a Service flexibly accompanies your needs. In this way, it is possible to move your data stocks on an unlimited capacity scale to ICT Cloud services without interruption and loss at any time.

Secure Access

ICT Cloud Storage as a Service works with secure access protocols. Thanks to the communication network that encrypts all data transfers with the SSL layer, no data packets sent or received can be read by third parties.

High Cost Advantage

ICT Cloud Storage as a Service is created with resource planning suitable for their needs. In this way, only the data field and service components in use are charged. Your costs are always under your control on the scale of your increasing and decreasing needs.

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Next-generation virtual machines that respond to a wide variety of workloads such as data processing, warehousing, development, and application hosting on a Nutanix-certified architecture that can operate compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other digital operations on a secure cloud infrastructure to help your business scale and grow according to its needs. server solution.

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