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Empower your business with cloud server products

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Cloud Server

Next-generation virtual machines that respond to a wide variety of workloads such as data processing, warehousing, development, and application hosting on a Nutanix-certified architecture that can operate compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other digital operations on a secure cloud infrastructure to help your business scale and grow according to its needs. server solution.

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Cloud Technology

"Move your business to the cloud with ICT Cloud, the choice of the best!"

Seamless and Stable Infrastructure

All systems (Hypervisor, storage, network) used in ICT Cloud, Cloud Servers infrastructure are managed from a single point and with each new node added for expanding resource requirements, I/O, disk capacity and processing power are increased simultaneously, ensuring an uninterrupted and stable virtualization platform. is taken under.

Professional Consulting

In order for you to decide on the most suitable ICT Cloud, Cloud Servers products for your business needs, you can perform your needs analysis free of charge with our system engineers, so you can easily have your server built with special resource components.

Unlimited Resource Freedom

Experience the comfort of unlimited freedom and flexibility in data storage thanks to the Hyper Converged technology used in the backbone of ICT Cloud, Cloud Servers and the All Flash architecture, which does not require classical storage topologies and consists entirely of SSD disks.

Resource Based Billing

With ICT Cloud Cloud Servers, create resource plans suitable for the needs of your business and pay only as much as you need. Moreover, while optimizing your costs with TL pricing model and non-committal contracts, do not compromise on flexibility.

Let's decide together on the most ideal Cloud Servers solution
for you.

Empower your business with cloud server products that have the advantage of hyper-integrated infrastructure, expandable resources and Euro pricing on a certified server architecture, all built with Nutanix.

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