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About ICT Cloud

Europe's most innovative cloud provider focusing on innovative technological solutions

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Cloud Services

Leverage our Cloud services that enable you to plan, design, migrate, secure, operate and optimize the infrastructure running your business critical applications

Managed Services

Value Added Solutions

Leverage our customized Managed Services solutions that offer scalability and seamless deployment capabilities with an integrated approach, leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals.

ICT Cloud helps businesses quickly maximize the value you get from the cloud by providing highly effective and reliable cloud computing services that give businesses a competitive advantage.

Why ICT Cloud?

We make innovation easy for our customers

ICT Cloud helps you plan, design, migrate and secure the infrastructure that runs your critical business applications.


Pay as you go with no commitment


Based on years of experience that draws its strength from the team structure focus on its subject


Unlimited options with the use of container-based (serverless) servers as topology


Hyper converged architecture with high speed IOPS/SAPS service

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