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Hybrid Cloud

ICT Cloud Hybrid Cloud service is an integrated solution that combines public cloud platforms with private cloud or on-premises servers, enabling rapid transfer of workload between two clouds and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of multiple cloud products simultaneously.

Take a Closer Look at the Advantages of Bulutistan Hybrid Cloud Technologies

"Move your business to the cloud with ICT Cloud, the choice of the best!"

Enhanced Agility

ICT Cloud Hybrid Cloud solution, which helps your need to adapt quickly and change direction at any time, allows you to benefit from public and private cloud at different rates for competitive advantage.

Unlimited Scalability

With the ICT Cloud Hybrid Cloud solution, you can quickly access more resources at any time you need and quickly increase the operational capacity.

Cost Advantage

ICT Cloud Hybrid Cloud service provides the ability to keep the most business-critical workloads on private, on-premises servers while transferring data and less sensitive applications to lower-cost public clouds when needed.

Data and Application Mobility

Move data and applications from one cloud to another to cope with rapidly changing workloads, strategies and prices with ICT Cloud Hybrid Cloud.

Let's decide together on the most ideal as a Service solutionfor you.

Next-generation virtual machines that respond to a wide variety of workloads such as data processing, warehousing, development, and application hosting on a Nutanix-certified architecture that can operate compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other digital operations on a secure cloud infrastructure to help your business scale and grow according to its needs. server solution.

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