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About Us

Founded in 2023, ICT Cloud (A Bulutistan group company) is the leading technology company in the field of cloud technologies in the EMEA market, with its innovative cloud computing services offered from data centers in compliance with the regulations. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, ICT Cloud provides value-added cloud services as a cloud computing operator integrate into the Equinix Global Connection (Cloud Exchange) Network. There are 1 Data center in Frankfurt Germany, 1 Data Center in Baku Azerbaijan and 6 data centers in 3 provinces in Turkey. With in-depth expertise in SAP Cloud solutions, ICT Cloud offers high-performance, highly accessible and managed SAP services to organizations across Middle Asia, Middle East & Europe.

ICT Cloud, which was selected as the fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region in the Deloitte EMEA FAST 500 list. It also won the IBM Beacon Award for its Outstanding Services Driving Customer Innovation and Transformation.

On the other hand, ICT Cloud focuses on the CSA STAR certificate it has; It is accepted as a company of global standards that provides the first-class service quality and high security offered by the world's giant cloud service providers. We are a cloud computing platform of 500 people in total, providing experienced service together with our more than 100 employees who are very experienced in their field and our strategic solution partners with whom we act together in our ecosystem.

We mainly work in sectors such as Production, Distribution, Retail, Education, Energy, which are dynamic, focused on digital transformation and trying to gain competitiveness. Cloud computing services support companies' investments with a pay-as-you-use model at the center of digital transformation, making it easier to implement them.

Why ICT Cloud?

Our strength in service quality and customer-friendly pricing policy. In this direction, we put the concept of security at the top and, as EMEA's fastest growing cloud computing provider, ICT Cloud, we have approved the steps we have taken in this field from international authorities. Having the Cloud Security Alliance STAR certificate found in all major cloud service providers, ICT Cloud is the regional cloud service provider based in Germany to receive the CSA STAR certificate.



A European Cloud
Integrated to the World!

In order to work simultaneously with all telecom operators, we signed a strategic partnership with Equinix, the world's largest operator-independent data center operator. In this way, we have integrated into the closed-circuit access infrastructure with 200+ data centers in 22 countries on 5 continents.


We choose the infrastructure that best suits the needs of our customers.

We offer high performance and low availability on new generation / hyper-integrated hardware (Nutanix). At the same time, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by using the power of IBM Power processor machines for SAP HANA environments.

  • Hyperconverged architecture: Instead of a classical virtualization architecture in our infrastructure, we serve with an architecture consisting of Nutanix. In this way, we can offer high Iops values to our customers, write each data to two different devices, and make the return of image backups in a very short time.

  • Full SSD infrastructure: In order to offer high IOPS values to our customers, all of our Nutanix devices in our infrastructure consist of SSD disks. At the same time, thanks to the accelerator cards on the devices, we can get performance at the RAM level.

  • Our Customer Private / Dedicated Cloud: As ICT Cloud, we position each of our customers behind a dedicated virtual firewall and serve within a separate network architecture from other customers. In this way, we offer our customers a private Data center infrastructure instead of a shared cloud environment.

prime service


We Create Special Payment Plans

Indicates the consumption costs calculated instantly within the pay-as-you-go model.

  • Selects the type of currency (USD / EURO) to be used in monthly invoicing,

  • Shapes the unit prices of all services to be used according to the model that will be advantageous,

  • Determines the discount rate according to the contract period,

  • Clarifies the special conditions to be determined according to the SLA needs,

  • Evaluates the barter rights to be partially used, if any,

  • Determines the payment term,

and can demand more…


Choice of the Best

Coming to life in 2023 with the joint venture of executives whose sole job is cloud computing in different companies, ICT Cloud draws its strength from its focused team structure.

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