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Finance Cloud

Knowing that financial businesses and banks need a reliable digital transformation partner more than ever, ICT Cloud provides the necessary infrastructure to financial institutions that want to transition to cloud-based infrastructures and helps them manage all business processes quickly and reliably.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of ICT Cloud Solutions for the Banking & Finance Industry

"Move your business to the cloud with ICT Cloud, the choice of the best!"

High Level Security

With ICT Cloud Banking & Finance Solutions, your financial data and information are protected at the highest quality in secure, redundant and geographically diverse data centers. 24/7 access to your systems is provided with the highest level of security.

Higher Transaction Speeds

ICT Cloud Banking & Finance Solutions are designed for high performance and process large amounts of data quickly and easily. This enables businesses to achieve higher transaction speeds and reduce latency issues.

Trust and Compliance

ICT Cloud Banking & Finance Solutions ensures compliance with international standards and industry-accepted systems as part of its comprehensive digital transformation offering to banking and finance customers.

Competitive Advantage

ICT Cloud helps to manage all business processes in the fastest and most secure way by quickly providing the necessary infrastructure needed by its customers in the banking & finance sector in this period of rapid development of digital banking.

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Retail and E-Commerce Cloud

Working with Europe's largest retail customers, ICT Cloud offers retail customers many advantages such as scalable infrastructure, cyber security services, disaster recovery and business continuity services for high performance applications and operations.

In this way, businesses in the retail sector provide the technology they need in the digital transformation process by using the ICT Cloud infrastructure.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of ICT Cloud Solutions for the Retail & E-Commerce Industry

"Move your business to the cloud with ICT Cloud, the choice of the best!"

Reduced Costs

ICT Cloud Retail Solutions; It improves your costs by optimizing personnel management for services such as hardware, virtualization management, monitoring, backup, etc. It also contributes to your budget thanks to the lack of initial investment cost and capacity optimization.

Top Level Expertise

In ICT Cloud, which has a large retail customer base, all retail customers carry out their operations with a fast, specialized and dedicated team that understands the needs of retail and creates solutions.


With ICT Cloud Retail Solutions, the data is stored in accordance with the regulations in Europe (GDPR, etc.). It also provides the strictest security and compliance standards, including PCI DSS.

Auto Scalability

It allows you to provide a scalable digital experience to your customers, ICT Cloud automatically increases capacity for high-performance applications such as variable transaction volume, special and busy days (amazing Friday, mother's day, etc.).

Let's decide together the most ideal industrial solution for you

With ICT Cloud, which offers many solutions for companies that depend on real-time information to keep up with the increasing demands of customers, improve the inventory and database accessibility of your business, grow customer relationship management faster than ever, streamline your operations and focus on end-to-end customer experience by reducing costs.

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